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  • Krzysztof Przybylak

    Krzysztof Przybylak

    Looking for Seed startups from Central and Eastern Europe, especially Dev(Ops) tools, and the ones with Product Led Growth strategy. Reach out to me on LinkedIn

  • Philip McAdams

    Philip McAdams

  • bhavya babel

    bhavya babel

  • Seif Mohamed

    Seif Mohamed

  • Ning+Chen


    Product guy @ driver.xyz. Previously Tencent and Yahoo.

  • Marie Langé

    Marie Langé

    Co-founder & CEO https://medium.com/amasai-conseil // 👩‍💻 Business, Data, IA, Project Management, Ethique, Tech // 😍 Data, Littérature, Sciences, Philo, Déve

  • An Hoang

    An Hoang

  • Manraj Singh

    Manraj Singh

    Open Source Community Leader & Contributor @duckduckgo, @tensorflow, mainly tfjs-core, @mozilla, @jquery &more! Creator of Halo, SingleDivProject, footballcli

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